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Something Borrowed

Sara-WeddingMy sister getting ready for her wedding

I Heart Weddings

I heart Weddings

This is an interesting and unique wedding photo.

By Ryan Howell

This photo was taken on June 17,2008

Victorian Weddding Digital Scrapbooking

Victorian Wedding digital scrapbooking page 3

This vintage photograph is of beautiful Miss Ruth Vincent an accomplished actress of times long passed.
I did this page really very cluttered but I like how it turned out even if there is just way too much to look at LOL!

Oh the postcard I used is by Harrison Fisher a wonderful American artist who captured the essence of the American girl in such elegance and tenderness. I have used my artistic lisence on these postcards and changed original colorings and sometimes even faces around to suit my kit more. This illustration was called “The Bride being Groomed”. I just adore it!

By blushbutter

This photo was taken on August 7, 2007.

Our Wedding Day

Scrapbook page

This is a well designed wedding page. The embellisments used make the single photo on the page stand out. Form squares can be used to make the flowers stand out from the page.

By vixzenx

This photo was taken on January 5, 2010 using an Olympus C770UZ