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Growing Up

Growing Up

I really love this page. Using black and white tones with alittle color really makes you feel like your little girl is growing up. This page was done digitally using an iPad app. The swirl and flower embellishments frame the photo nicely. This page fits nicely with the place and white picture used on the page.

By Groobers

This photo was taken on March 24, 2011 using an Apple iPad.

Flower Page

Scrapbooking Album

This is a simple but eye catching page. Two mats are put down where the photos will go. The photos can either be the size of the mat or for a more dramatic look alittle smaller. The only embellishments on the page are simple flowers with rhinestone centers. A half circle is on the side with slits cut into it and ribbon weaved through the slits.

By sweethappychick

This photo was taken on March 2, 2010 using an Apple iPhone.

My Little Teddy Bear

Scrapbook page - tear bear

This is a cute page for a little girl. Die cuts and photo boxes are used on this page. They add variety to your pages instead of just using stickers all the time. Using these die cuts and embellisments give the page a softer look.

By vixzenz

This photo was taken on September 16, 2006 using an Olympus C77OUZ