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Me at 17 scrapbooking photo page

This page is pretty in pink. A perfect girls page. All the paper and embellishments bring out a little girls dreams. The page may be a bit cluttered but you are still drawn to the photographs. This page is put together very well.

By Blushbutter

This photo was taken on Octover 13, 2007

Victorian Weddding Digital Scrapbooking

Victorian Wedding digital scrapbooking page 3

This vintage photograph is of beautiful Miss Ruth Vincent an accomplished actress of times long passed.
I did this page really very cluttered but I like how it turned out even if there is just way too much to look at LOL!

Oh the postcard I used is by Harrison Fisher a wonderful American artist who captured the essence of the American girl in such elegance and tenderness. I have used my artistic lisence on these postcards and changed original colorings and sometimes even faces around to suit my kit more. This illustration was called “The Bride being Groomed”. I just adore it!

By blushbutter

This photo was taken on August 7, 2007.

Happy St. Patty’s Day

2011 Family Album 4.0 - Page 041

Here’s a page I made for my boys creating leprechaun traps. Always a lot of fun and makes for a great page. No luck catching any this year, but there’s always next year. One day we’ll catch one of those little guys!

Photo / Page by Cindy

Happy 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday scrapbook page

There are a lot of pieces of paper used as a background for this page. All the paper compliments each other. To make the pictures stand out from the background and become the focus point of the page, the pictures were matted. Matting is a popular tool. It is cutting paper alittle bigger than you picture and putting it behind you picture on the page. Matting can be done with traditional or digital pages.

By Kate-Vickers

This photo was taken in September 2011.

Father / Mother Page

Father/Mother scrapbook pages

Browns, green and pink for mom and dad. Will be beautiful with photos in a scrapbook! Colored paper was used to make photo boxes on these pages. On the mom page not all the boxes are cut straight. Some have a ripped look to it which adds a nice variety to the page. It is easy to achieve that look using a scallop tearing tool. The same idea was used with the green paper on the dad page. On the dad page you see white beside the green which gives it a ripped look. On the mom page you do not see that because the paper was flipped over and the paper just has an uneven look to it instead of ripped.

By momlovestoscrap

This photo ws taken on July 20, 2008.