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Watermelon Girl

11133998_10153184748166327_4436351139431161442_n2All day, my daughter craved watermelon and reminding me of the fact. Mom finally had time to go get some before bedtime, and as soon as it came in the door, we had a piece together. Pure happiness…can you tell?! I just love her different expressions of her smile!

My Taekwondo boy (‘Finding your Inner Ninja’)

11041566_10153179710806327_7482333392276383838_n1This is the day my son got his Taekwondo Gi. He tried the sport at first, to see if he liked it. He loves Taekwondo, and this was a proud moment for hm and his parents. I love kids, esp. my little guy, in uniform:). Adorable in my eyes!