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A Year of Photos

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Too cute! Love this idea for photos throughout the year! This would be a great gift idea for mom or grandma.

I Heart Weddings

I heart Weddings

This is an interesting and unique wedding photo.

By Ryan Howell

This photo was taken on June 17,2008

Yosemite Adventure

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Travel scrapbook page idea. I love how simple it is.


Source: via Sharon on Pinterest


Do you have lots of colorful buttons. Here is an interesting idea!

Vacation Pocket Page

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When you go on vacation you accumlate maps and other informative pamphlets. This page is a good way to store the pamphlets you collect.

Scrabble scrapbooking layout.

I love this layout – Looks like a lot of fun and a challenge. I’m already thinking of the words I’m going to fit into my page.

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