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Pony Ride

Pony Ride

I love the way the colors in the paper bring out the colors in the pictures. They compliment each other very well. Besides the paper the only other embellishment is flowers. This is an easy to create page that says it all without journaling.

By sweethappychick

This photo was taken on January 14, 2010 using an Apple iPhone.


Me at 17 scrapbooking photo page

This page is pretty in pink. A perfect girls page. All the paper and embellishments bring out a little girls dreams. The page may be a bit cluttered but you are still drawn to the photographs. This page is put together very well.

By Blushbutter

This photo was taken on Octover 13, 2007

Victorian Weddding Digital Scrapbooking

Victorian Wedding digital scrapbooking page 3

This vintage photograph is of beautiful Miss Ruth Vincent an accomplished actress of times long passed.
I did this page really very cluttered but I like how it turned out even if there is just way too much to look at LOL!

Oh the postcard I used is by Harrison Fisher a wonderful American artist who captured the essence of the American girl in such elegance and tenderness. I have used my artistic lisence on these postcards and changed original colorings and sometimes even faces around to suit my kit more. This illustration was called “The Bride being Groomed”. I just adore it!

By blushbutter

This photo was taken on August 7, 2007.