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This page has a heritage type look to it.   There are many layers adding a lot of activity to the page but with the way it is laid out the picture is still the focal point. Having you page just be the background and the picture(s) standing out is the key to all good scrapbooking.   The picture has a sepia tone to it with the hat only having color.   Using heritage colors really compliments the picture.

By Anna Zaprelska

This photo was taken on September 29, 2012 using a Canon PowerShot G11.

Happy 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday scrapbook page

There are a lot of pieces of paper used as a background for this page. All the paper compliments each other. To make the pictures stand out from the background and become the focus point of the page, the pictures were matted. Matting is a popular tool. It is cutting paper alittle bigger than you picture and putting it behind you picture on the page. Matting can be done with traditional or digital pages.

By Kate-Vickers

This photo was taken in September 2011.

Preschool Grad

Preschool Graduation (scrapbook page)

A proud moment for any parent is when your child graduates from preschool. This is one step forward to being a big kid. Doing a page like this digitally allows you to overlap stickers on pictures more easily and looks very natural. When doing a digital page you will have more variety with lettering as computers have a wide variety of colors and fonts available.

By Shannon Entin

This photo was taken on June 7, 2009

Enjoying the Wildlife

Scrapbook page of april 2010 Life on White photo shoot

Wild life pictures are always fun. One great way to mix up your pages is by cutting out your subject. Here instead of using stickers or die cuts pictures of the bears were cut out as well as the people.

Scrapbook page of April 2010 Life on White photo shoot

By lifeonwhite

This photo was taken on April 23, 2010

For the Love of the Game

Scrapbook Page for the love of the game

By Scrapbook Central

This photo was taken on April 12, 2012.

Baby’s 1st Halloween

Caleb's 1st Halloween scrapbook page

Baby’s have many firsts and it is fun to capture those moments on paper. Using a night time theme with some halloween embellishments really tells a story. The colors used on the page bring the picture to life.

By Luvmibug

This photo was taken on March 8, 2008 using a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS.

Summer Flowers

digital scrapbook page

An alternative to using scrapbooking paper to wallpaper a page is to use a picture. In this example, a picture was changed from color to a sepia tone which is soft and a good choice the the background. Then matted pictures were added to the page. This is quick and easy to do with digital scrapooking but can be done with traditional as well.

By Buglady 1104

This photo was taken on June 3, 2008 using a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS.

Father / Mother Page

Father/Mother scrapbook pages

Browns, green and pink for mom and dad. Will be beautiful with photos in a scrapbook! Colored paper was used to make photo boxes on these pages. On the mom page not all the boxes are cut straight. Some have a ripped look to it which adds a nice variety to the page. It is easy to achieve that look using a scallop tearing tool. The same idea was used with the green paper on the dad page. On the dad page you see white beside the green which gives it a ripped look. On the mom page you do not see that because the paper was flipped over and the paper just has an uneven look to it instead of ripped.

By momlovestoscrap

This photo ws taken on July 20, 2008.


4th of July

4th of July Scrapbook Page 0082x

A 4th of July page doesn’t always have to be about fireworks. The colors used on this page still give the page a 4th of July feel without using fireworks or stars. The flower was made by using 3 different colored flower pieces and then arranged to make a blossoming flower. Lettering can be found in a variety of colors and is a popular way to put a title on a page.

By Crazyforkits

This photo was taken on May 1, 2009 using a Canon EOS 50D.

Interactive Scrapbook Page

Interactive scrapbook page - open

I noticed that in these pics I took of Charlie playing peekaboo after his bath, his body was nearly in identical positions, so I decided to make a lift-the-flap page with them.

By Wildspiritart

This photo was taken on May 4, 2009