First Time Scrap booking

You  have been invited to your first scrap booking class.   It sounds exciting  and yet a little scary.  Going to a scrap booking class  is a great way to get started and learn some basics.

Now to get ready for your first class.  First you will need to pick out 5 – 10 pictures that have the same theme.   For your first class you won’t need to bring a lot of supplies or make a big investment in scrap booking supplies.  You should bring an adhesive, pens, and a trimmer.  If you have any stickers or embellishments laying around the house that go with the theme of your pictures, bring those as well.   The consultant that is hosting the class will have paper and stickers available as well a a wide variety of tools to use.

During your first class, the consultant will explain cropping your pictures.  This is the hardest concept for a beginner.  Cropping is simply trimming or cutting your pictures.  Not to worry if you are mortified at the thought as most beginners are.  Everyone treasures pictures and to cut them seems surreal.  Believe me, the first time is the hardest and it will get easier as you go on.

Cropping your pictures is a process of focusing on the centre person or thing in the picture and removing any clutter that takes away from the main part of the picture.  Sometimes it is as simple as just trimming the edges a bit.  Other times you may want to cut your picture into a shape.  Circles and ovals are popular shapes to use.  How you trim you picture depends on what is in the picture and what the centre idea of the picture is.

After your pictures are cropped, the consultant will show you how to use simple borders to compliment your pictures.  You will then proceed to attach you boarders and pictures to your page with an adhesive.  Now you can complete the finishing touches to your page.  Letters can be used to title the page and stickers can be added to enhance the page.  The final step is to journal your page.   You can write a short story about your pictures or journal under each picture.  The idea behind journaling is to let others know about your page.  When journaling is done properly, a reader can look at the pages and not have to ask any question about what is going on.

After you finish your first class you will be hooked.  You will have a sense of accomplishment and pride in your finished product.