Watermelon Girl

11133998_10153184748166327_4436351139431161442_n2All day, my daughter craved watermelon and reminding me of the fact. Mom finally had time to go get some before bedtime, and as soon as it came in the door, we had a piece together. Pure happiness…can you tell?! I just love her different expressions of her smile!

Family walk

10896886_10152903396926327_855291963572630708_n1Just a nice day together in 2013…kids tired of walking so they all hopped in the red wagon.Squished yet happy! I re–used the outline of stickers for extra embellishments.

Star Wars Dress Up

10888457_10152897020746327_2595329315741673927_n1My youngest boy liked to dress up last year…and loves star Wars esp. Darth. It didn’t matter if the mask was too big, he loved it anyway! He carried a light sabre or 2 . I made my own lettering and inked them, and created my own light sabre. Ready for journaling!

Angry Birds building

10885235_10152900509506327_6331545468845310252_n2I didn’t know what to for Angry Birds embellishments, so I let my 8 year old make some for me! Turned out well I think. I keep the bottom strips of the 12×12 paper that you might normally throw out, so I built some blocks out of them for a quick description.